You are currently viewing Gorai Beach – Perfect for One Day Picnic and Weekend Gateway

Gorai Beach – Perfect for One Day Picnic and Weekend Gateway

Gorai Beach is located at Gorai Creek in Borivali West. Gorai is one of the beautiful beaches of Mumbai north suburb famous for beautiful sunrise and sunset. Gorai beach is the perfect destination for one day picnic, weekend outing or even one night stay. There are plenty of resorts at beach side available at affordable prices and good food. It is one of the cleanest and safest beach in the suburb vicinity. You can enjoy sea side walk, camel ride, bike ride etc. There is ample space to place football, volleyball, cricket etc. Since this beach is just 3 – 4 kilometers from Essel world and Water kingdom, most people plan one-night stay here at beach side resorts and cottages.

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Personal Experience

I visited this beach around 4-5 times with friends and family and each time we enjoyed a lot. My visits include one-day full picnic, stay at beach side resort and casual visit for 4 – 5 hours. The sunrise and set on the beach was an awesome experience. we visited Gorai on Public holidays and weekends so we witnessed good crowd there. We enjoyed camel and horse ride, Played Football, volleyball, and cricket in different visits.

We were reached Bhayander and then took Auto Rickshaw to Gorai Beach. There are BEST buses as well that go to Gorai. We did not face any problem reaching gorai beach, the real problem starts when you want to come back from gorai beach. If you are not using your own vehicle, and you are not planning to stay there, leave the place before it gets dark. You will face shortages of auto rickshaw over there. There were times when we waited for like 2 hours for auto rickshaw

We took our food at Picxy Sea Resort. The food was good especially the fish and chicken was delicious. The picxy resort was the last resort in the lane with tables under huts and coconut trees. They have rooms as well for an overnight stay.

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How to reach Gorai Beach:

Gorai beach can be reached either from Borivali West of from Bhayandar. If you want to travel from Ferry, try the Borivali West route and if you want to travel by road take Bhayander route.

From Borivali
You need to reach Gorai Ferry Point from Borivali Railway Station (West) with Road Distance of around 3.50 – 4 Kilometers. You will easily get an auto rickshaw from borivali west, BEST buses also ply from borivali West to Gorai creek ferry point. You can get your 2 wheeler with you on some of the ferries. It takes around 10 – 15 minutes to reach Gorai Beach from Gorai Creek Ferry Point. After reaching Gorai Beach you will have to take an auto to actually reach the Gorai Beach.

From Bhayandar:
If you want to travel by road you can take the Bhayandar Route. You will get auto rickshaws outside of the Bhayander West Railway Station. Auto will take around 30 minutes. Best buses also ply from Bhayander West railway station to Gorai Beach which takes around 40 – 45 minutes.

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What to do at Gorai Beach:

Take walk along the sea side
Enjoy street foods
Can take Horse Ride and Camel Ride

Other Attractions near Gorai Beach:

Essel World & Water Kingdom

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Where to Stay in Gorai Beach

There are lots of Resorts and Cottages, both Sea facing and road touching. Prior Booking is recommended if you want to stay there for overnight stay.
Some of the good resorts near Gorai Beach are:
Picxy Resort
Hotel Sun Beach Resort
Palm Beach Resort

Languages Spoken

People there are comfortable in speaking Marathi, Hindi, English

Best Time to Visit

Any time is the best time to visit this place, but if you are not staying overnight there leave the beach before it gets dark. During high tides, the sea water comes very near to the walls of sea facing resorts.


Some Pictures that was taken on the way and at our destination.

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